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Window FAQ

Because with replacement windows, you may have some questions.

What Makes Our Windows Better?

We challenged some US based window manufacturers to create the best window at an affordable price.

The results speak for themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to the commonly asked questions we get about replacement windows for your home.

What are replacement windows?

Replacement windows are windows designed to replace the existing windows in your home. Typically windows are replaced due to a lack of efficiency from old windows being worn or poorly designed, or they are replaced because they are drafty, broken or moldy.
House windows take a lot of abuse and do not last forever. Some newer houses had cheap windows installed and now the homeowners understand it is time for an upgrade.

What is a double hung window?

Double hung windows are windows that open vertically, or up and down. They are called double hung because you can lower both the top and the bottom portions.
This allows for easy cleaning of both the inside and the outside of the window, without needing to move around to the outside of the window.

What should I look for in replacement windows?

There are a ton of different buzz words flying around the market for replacement windows. You want to be sure your windows are attractive and energy efficient.
Their attractiveness has to do with how they look and match the rest of your home. Often cheaper windows look like cheaper windows. They can also crack and allow moisture in them, causing some condensation issues. You want a window that looks like it came with your house, without a lot of gaudy trim to make a small window fit in a big hole.
In regards to energy efficiency, you want windows that are Low-E, Energy Star rated and Argon or Krypton gas filled. You also want triple pane glass to also improve the energy efficiency of the window.

What is argon and why is it used in windows?

Argon gas is a non-toxic, clear gas used between the window panes to act as an insulator. You will find this gas in all of our windows to increase energy efficiency.

I have more questions, who can I ask?

You can always call us at (608)210-2218 or email [email protected]

Why don't you use a commissioned salesman?

Firstly, we don’t believe in the old 3-4 hour, slimy, high pressure sales techniques that are, unfortunately, still used today from over-priced window companies within our industry.
Secondly, people today are intelligent and savvy. They don’t need a boring three-hour presentation about windows, just to make a decision.
Thirdly, people today are busy. Who has 3-4 hours on a week night, or on a Saturday, just to listen to some sleazy salesman trying to use every sales technique they’ve been taught in sales training?
Instead, we believe people today just want a great window, with great installation, at a great value, with a great warranty to back it up.

How come you don't need to measure the windows in order to give me prices?

We love this question! Many contractors still use some of the old school tricks to justify their prices. Charging more for a big window than a small one is a classic example of this. Until the size of the window gets really large (think picture window big) the actual cost of the window varies very little, so we charge the same price regardless of the size.

The main reason other window companies say they need to measure before giving a price is because they want a salesperson in your home to SELL you on their windows.
Our pricing is given upfront. This makes things much simpler and eliminates the old-fashioned song and dance that sleazy salesman use during their “must justify our high prices” sales presentation.

How do I know that things are on schedule after I've ordered the windows?

We will keep you informed through weekly email status updates until everything is complete. Every week you will receive an email update letting you know the status of the project and confirming that everything is on track. Of course you can always call or email to check anytime you like.
Some companies will take your money and leave you with no idea what is going on until they show up two months later with a pickup truck full of windows. We thought there was a better way to keep you informed!

What's the difference between an R-Value and a U-Factor?

U-Factor is a reciprocal of R-Value. 

So to figure out an equivalent U-Factor,  divide 1 by the known R-Value (EG:  1/R-Value of 5 = U-Factor of 0.20) and divide 1 by the U-Factor to calculate an R-Value (EG: 1 / U-Factor of 0.16 = R-Value of 6.25).

U-Factors provide a better measure of efficiency because they take into account the efficiency of the entire window. This is why the Energy Star labels detail U-Factors and not R-Values.

What brand of window do you sell?

Our manufactures do not allow us to answer this question.  We use a few different manufacturers across the US to make sure we can offer our installed, triple-pane windows everywhere and to get you the best price.

We are unable to name them specifically until the windows are measured because our pricing is around 30% or more lower than what they sell their windows for locally.  

We can offer these lower prices because of volume, no sales force, management layers and no wasted measuring trips.

For example, a local competitor quoted a comparable window to our Intelligent Windows™ recently to a secret shopper for over $1350 per window!  With a 15 window house, that would have cost the homeowner over $7,500 more than the easy ordering at

Why are replacement windows made out of vinyl?

Vinyl is a durable, affordable and almost maintenance free product. It doesn’t change shape or flex like typical wood windows and it is very energy efficient.
Vinyl is also easy to clean and easy to form into the custom sizes each home needs.

How do I measure a window?

If you were to replace the windows in your home on your own, you would need to know the type of windows you are installing to know how to accurately measure.

Typically, big-box retailers take consumer given measurements and subtract around 1/4″-1/2″ around the perimeter, to make sure the windows fit.  This can account for poor measuring and measuring in only one spot.

Often, houses are not perfectly square, or aligned.  So the opening for a window may be bigger on the top than the bottom.  

Rest assured, you do not need to measure your windows.  We are set up to have the installer come to measure your windows before they are ordered.  This means the person that is going to be putting your windows in is a professional that does this for a living. 


What is a triple pane window?

A triple pane window has three panes of glass separated and sealed with a spacer.
Most replacement windows are double pane, since they are a good window that is not as expensive as a triple pane window, and much more energy efficient compared to a single pane window.

We offer triple pane windows at a double pane cost.  Allowing you to have the added efficiency of a triple pane window, without going over your budget.

How long will it take to get a return on the energy efficiency of my replacement windows?

This depends on many factors including your existing windows vs. your new replacement windows, your old installation vs, the new installation, etc. Although some window companies like to sell windows based on energy savings, generally speaking, dollar savings on energy alone will take years to catch up to the cost of the new windows. However, that doesn’t include the new comfort, looks, ease of cleaning and the elimination of wood rot and most of all, mold issues!

How long does it take to get my replacement windows installed?

Your window order has to go through a few steps to be complete. Once a window technician measures your windows and creates the manufacturing order, your custom manufactured windows start being made. From there they are shipped and time of installation is scheduled with you.

What makes windows better?

We offer three main things that make our windows better:

1) We offer triple pane windows, with Low-E glass, argon gas filled, foam filled frames and an industry leading spacer along with a stronger window frame.  Basically, our windows are built better and are much more efficient than most available replacement windows.

2) We offer installation by professionals that are trained and install windows every day.  A careful window installation is just as important as an efficient window for energy savings and comfort. Imagine putting the best window into a hole with a 1 inch gap around the entire window.  Not very efficient, right?  Some installers do just that, hoping you won’t notice or that they will be gone before you do.

3) We offer excellent communication.  You will order your windows easily online.  We will take care of everything from there and keep you informed each step of the way.

We rely on you being impressed with our windows and, almost as important, our service so that you share your experience.

Do you dispose of my old windows?

Yes, we will dipsose of your old windows for you.  We make getting new windows as easy as possible for you.

Does your price include installation?

Absolutely!  We include installation by profeesionally trained window installers with each and every window we sell.

A window is only as good as it’s installation.

What is a window spacer?

A spacer for your window is an item that holds the distance between the panes of glass in your windows.

If you have double pane or triple pane windows, each pane does not touch the other.  To help these panes of glass keep their distance, a spacer is used. 

Typically, spacers are made of rubber, foam or metal.  Each spacer has pros and cons.

Our windows include the most advanced spacer, allowing the minimum transfer of heat or cold between panes of glass.  This gives your new windows a better insulation rating and allows for much more efficient windows.

What is Low-E Coating?

Low-E (low emissivity) coating is a coating on home windows designed to limit the passing of damaging UV (ultraviolet) and infrared light without compromising on the amount of visible light that can go through the window.

This coating is microscopically thin and transparent, yet accomplishes a great deal.  It works to keep the outside temperature outside, and the inside temperature inside.  Consider it like a very efficient, cozy blanket.

The specific Low E coating your windows will receive will depend on what part of the country you are in, based on the local climate.

Do I have to replace all of my windows at the same time?

It is your choice how many windows in your home you want to replace.  Typically, people choose to replace all of their windows at once, to make it more convenient and just get it taken care of.  Others choose to replace windows a few at a time, choosing to do the most used rooms first, or replacing the windows on one side of their house first.

What many of our clients discover is that the low cost of our windows allows them to buy a houseful of replacement windows for the same price they were going to pay for just a few windows from their big name dealer or local handyman.

A better window by design.

Better by Design

Window shopping can be fun.  Especially if you are not shopping for windows, right?

We took the pain of finding the best windows for your home at the best price and made it as easy as possible.

Just how you like it.


Learn More About Replacement Windows for Your Home


Low-E Coated Glass

Most quality replacement windows have some form of Low-E coating on their glass.  The quality of that coating varies, but in order be anywhere near efficient, it is a must have.

Better SHGC Rating

The amount a solar heating allowed through a window can be adjusted at the time of manufacturing of the window by using different Low-E coatings. 

In some parts of the country, you welcome the sun warming your living space.  In warmer climates, you want the sun’s warm rays to stay outside.


To most people, a window is a window.  when you go to sell your home and you inform would-be buyers of the Low-E coated windows in your home, you have now shown them that you gave your home the best care.

Let the Light In

When glass is coated with inferior Low-E coatings, it can block or blur what you see out the window.  Our Low-E coatings are visibly transparent, allowing you to see out, while preventing damaging rays in.


Our windows have three panes of glass, giving you a better window.  That also gives us more glass area to put our efficent Low-E coatings on, giving you a superior window than possible with a double pane window.

Our Promise

When we created Easy Order Windows we knew we would need to offer the the best windows possible for our customers.  We would need to offer the best because we would have a hard time explaining how good a mediocre window is.  That is why we only offer superior Low-E coated, triple pane windows, at a double pane window price.

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Windows add value and comfort to your home.

You want to have the light, view and comfort that a quality window can offer without paying too much.

Choose the windows that fit your lifestyle.

Our windows offer big savings, leading to comfort in your home and your wallet.

Triple pane windows make a difference.

Choose the environmentally friendly window that also makes you happier with your new windows.

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