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How Long Do Replacement Windows Last?

Buying replacement windows for your home is an investment.

Do you remember the last time you got your windows replaced? In order to know when they need to be replaced next, it is important to consider how old your windows are and if they are having any problems. Waiting too long to get a replacement on your damaged windows can be risky and can only lead to more problems. Therefore, it is crucial to have an idea of the age of your windows so you can schedule a replacement before it becomes too late. Here are some general questions people have about the lifespan of windows:

How long do windows last?

If your windows are a reputable brand and were installed by a professional, expect them to have an average lifespan of about 20-25 years. However, if you take good care of them and get them in top notch shape, your windows could definitely exceed this lifespan.

What factors impact the lifespan of windows?

There are a couple important factors that affect the lifespan of windows.

1.) The first factor that impacts the lifespan of windows is the materials. Two of the most common materials you will see are vinyl and wood. Vinyl windows can have a lifespan of anywhere from 20-40 years. On the other hand, wood windows can last around 15-20 years if they are properly cared for by the homeowner.

2.) Another factor that affects the lifespan of windows is the installation process. It is crucial that you get your windows properly installed by a professional because it will not only lengthen the lifespan of your windows, but it will also help to keep those energy bills low by providing sufficient insulation.

3.) The last factor that plays a huge role in how long your windows last is the weather. Unfortunately, windows that are exposed to direct sunlight typically have a shorter lifespan than windows that are mostly covered by shade.

Do certain types of windows last longer?

Depending on the types of windows installed in your house, that could definitely determine how long they will last. Some types of windows can last long than others, it all depends on the quality.

Vinyl windows are an energy efficient and low maintenance window that can last an average of 20-40 years. They are very affordable and are built to provide strength against any sort of warping.

Wooden windows, on the other hand, last about 15-20 years, and often appeal to those who want something aesthetically pleasing. The only problem with wooden windows is that they can end up rotting if you don’t take proper care of them, which will shorten their lifespan.

There are also metal windows, in which aluminum is the most common and popular type of this specific window. Aluminum windows also have a considerable longer lasting lifespan of around 20-25 years. However, aluminum windows tend to be prone to damage, especially if you live in an area that sees a lot of hurricanes or hailstorms. This will result in having to get them replaced more often. In addition to that, aluminum windows can sometimes develop rust overtime, which will also shorten the lifespan. Lastly, fiberglass is another type of window and they can last up to 50 years.

Fiberglass windows are definitely a much more expensive investment to make and can be more of a challenge to install; however, if you have the budget, it could save you the time and money on continuous replacements in near future. This type of window is low maintenance and offers incredible strength and durability. You don’t need to do much to preserve their appearance and energy efficiency.

 Why do vinyl windows last so long?

There are many reasons why vinyl windows are able to last much longer than other materials. Here are some of the main reasons: 

1.) They are moisture resistant

You don’t have to stress about vinyl windows rotting, rusting, or warping because the moisture has no effect on this material. 

2.) The colors and paint will not fade over time

When vinyl windows are made, the colors are actually baked into the windows. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you just purchased them or have had them installed for 25 years, the color will look exactly the same. This means that you never need to replace the paint or stain them.

3.) They are very durable

Vinyl windows won’t ding, dent, or scratch. Even in nasty weather, when they are hit with hail or debris from high winds, they will stand tall and remain undamaged.

How can I increase the life expectancy of my windows?

Fortunately, there are a couple ways in which homeowners can help lengthen the lifespan of their windows. In order to do this, they have to follow simple routine maintenance.

1.) Sealants

If your windows are exposed to harsh conditions, you should consider coating them with protective sealants to protect them and help to lengthen their lifespan.

2.) Shading

Windows that are exposed to extreme UV rays can easily become damaged and therefore shorten the lifespan of them. If you have windows that are constantly exposed to direct sunlight, consider trying to shade it to prevent cracking.

3.) Semi-annual cleaning

Doing a semi-annual cleaning and making sure to follow the cleaning instructions given by the manufacturer is helpful in maintaining the quality of the windows and helps lengthen their lifespan. 



The Window Hound’s Take

I am a big fan of making my home as maintenance free as possible.  I just have better things to do than restain wood or put plastic over my windows.  I also prefer my windows to be efficient.  Who likes a draft by their closed window?

So I prefer high quality vinyl windows.  I would expect a decent vinyl window to last as long as I live in my home.  I would expect to get decades out of my windows, and our clients should expect the same.

I have seen some lesser quality vinyl windows fail after just 6 years.  We call them builder grade windows.  These are the windows that contractors put in a new neighborhood of houses to make a more profitable house.  Like most things in the typical cookie-cutter house neighborhoods, it looks good for the first year, then things start failing. 

Wood windows look nice, for a bit.  But wood moves and expands too much to be considered an efficient product.  It also needs aesthetic care.  Some people are OK with those trade-offs for the look of wood.

Whatever you choose, you have no shortage of options when it comes to replacement windows for your home.


The Window Hound

The Window Hound is helping you find the best replacement windows for your home.  Reading through pages of data, researching replacement window companies and bringing you the best information possible so that you can be a better window shopper.  The Window Hound writes for and lets us know which windows are the best for our clients.

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To most people, a window is a window.  when you go to sell your home and you inform would-be buyers of the Low-E coated windows in your home, you have now shown them that you gave your home the best care.

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