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How Long Does It Take To Get Replacement Windows?

From ordering to measuring to manufacturing to shipping to installing, about 4-10 weeks.

When you are considering replacing or installing new windows in your house it is often very worrisome knowing that the inside of your home could be exposed to the outdoors for an unknown period of time. Typically, it takes about 30 to 45 minutes to install one window. However, there are many different factors that come into play when trying to calculate how long it will take to replace and install all of your windows.

1.) Time of year

The time of year can have a big impact on how long it will take to replace your windows. In fact, if you decide to get your windows replaced in the summertime, it may actually take much longer due to the increase in business these companies see during the warmer months.  The best time to order windows is generally in the mid to late winter.  This will get your windows in during spring, which is the most comfortable time in most areas for the installers.  This allows them to work more efficiently without bulky jackets.  This also makes it easy to deal with a few large openeings in your house while the windows get replaced.

2.) The number of windows

The greater number of windows that need to be replaced in your home, will result in more overall time dedicated to the project and therefore will lengthen the time frame in which it will be done by.  Most window installation jobs are done in a day, sometimes going into an additional two or three days for larger or complex jobs.  The actual installation time is pretty quick compared to most home improvement projects.

3.) The size/shape of the windows

Whether you have standard size windows or custom built windows will impact the amount of time that it will take to do the replacement. Standard size windows are much simpler and therefore quicker to replace. Whereas, when you have custom built windows, with various shapes and sizes, it gets a bit more tricky and requires more attention and time to finish the replacement.

4.) Accessibility of windows from outside

Accessibility to the windows is another factor in determining the time it will take to replace your windows. In fact, there can be a few different parts to accessibility. First, whether the windows you need replaced are located on the first or second floor can definitely impact how long it will take. Typically, windows that are on the second floor or higher take more time to replace, whereas windows located on the first floor take less time. Second, whether or not the window is accessible or being blocked on the outside can also affect how long it will take to replace it. For example, if trees or bushes are growing right in front of a window, it’s harder for the installer to get accessibility to it, which can take longer for the replacement to be done.

5.) Manufacturer

The brand of windows that you decide to go with for the replacement may also affect how long it will take. For example, if the specific windows that you purchased have to be shipped to you from a different state, it could take weeks for a truck to deliver them to you. However, if you live in a bigger city, you may have more trucks coming and going and therefore the delivery time is less. 

The Day of the Window Install

6.) Make a clear pathway for the installer inside

The window installer is going to need a lot of extra room in order to get the job done. Windows are heavy and breakable so the installer is going to need a clear path from your front door to all the places in the house in which windows need to be replaced. Therefore, you should make sure that all furniture and heavy objects are moved out of the way so they are able to easily get the window to where it needs to be. Having a path cleared before the installers get to your house will definitely save time and allow them to work much faster. In addition, any furniture or heavy objects that are close to the windows should also be moved out of the way so that they can comfortably get the job done.

7.) Do not lock the doors

Typically, the installation takes place both inside and outside of the house. If you are comfortable with the workers being there while you are gone, let them know you will leave the doors unlocked so that the installation can continue to take place even while you are not there. This will speed up the project and allow them to get the replacement done much faster.

8.) Take down anything that is hanging or put up on the walls

Prior to the installation, you should take down any wall decorations or any items placed on the wall that are near the windows that are going to be replaced. This will save time for the installers and also prevent anything from breaking or getting damaged. Due to the installers having to move around inside the home during the installation, it is possible for them to accidently knock something over that is in their pathway. Therefore, it is best to just remove all items off the walls to avoid damage and save time.

9.) Remove window treatments

It will definitely save time if you go ahead and take down any window treatments prior to the installer coming, rather than having them do it before the installation. Therefore, make sure to be prepared and take some time to remove all any blinds or drapes from the windows before your installation appointment so they can be ready to start the project immediately.

10.) Put down drop cloths

When you get new windows installed, workers are constantly walking in and out of your house with dirty shoes. Usually an installer will put down a few drop cloths when they get to your house in order to prevent the floors from getting super dirty. However, if you want to increase the chances of keeping your house clean as well as save them time from putting down clothes, you could put several dozen down before they arrive. Try and cover the floors that they will be walking on and anything else you don’t want to get super dirty.



The Window Hound’s Take

Windows are time consuming in a way that really doesn’t bother you.  In a typical home renovation, such as a remodeled kitchen, the time it takes is really painful.  Plumbers, electricians and contractors are coming and going, or often not showing up for a few days, while you do dishes in your bathtub.

With window replacement, the real time is spent with the windows getting manufactured.  We call this the thumb twiddling time.  Basically the windows have been measured, they’ve been ordered and the order is waiting to be fulfilled at the manufacturing plant.  Then it goes on the truck and gets delivered.  All the while you are jsut waiting.

The good news is that you can do your dishes in your sink the whole time without interuption.  At least until the day of installation.  Then, if your kitchen windows are being replaced, just give the installers a few hours.


The Window Hound

The Window Hound is helping you find the best replacement windows for your home.  Reading through pages of data, researching replacement window companies and bringing you the best information possible so that you can be a better window shopper.  The Window Hound writes for and lets us know which windows are the best for our clients.

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Low-E Coated Glass

Most quality replacement windows have some form of Low-E coating on their glass.  The quality of that coating varies, but in order be anywhere near efficient, it is a must have.

Better SHGC Rating

The amount a solar heating allowed through a window can be adjusted at the time of manufacturing of the window by using different Low-E coatings. 

In some parts of the country, you welcome the sun warming your living space.  In warmer climates, you want the sun’s warm rays to stay outside.


To most people, a window is a window.  when you go to sell your home and you inform would-be buyers of the Low-E coated windows in your home, you have now shown them that you gave your home the best care.

Let the Light In

When glass is coated with inferior Low-E coatings, it can block or blur what you see out the window.  Our Low-E coatings are visibly transparent, allowing you to see out, while preventing damaging rays in.


Our windows have three panes of glass, giving you a better window.  That also gives us more glass area to put our efficent Low-E coatings on, giving you a superior window than possible with a double pane window.

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