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How Much Are Replacement Windows?

An educated consumer compares windows using the DEVO method (Design, Efficiency, Value and Ordering Process).

Compare Windows By Using DEVO

Because with replacement windows, you clearly don’t always get what you pay for.

Shopping for windows can be easy, if you pay attention to the data that helps you compare apples to apples, as well as using some handy visual clues.

To make this as easy as possible, we use Design, Efficiency, Value and the Ordering process as the main points to keep track of for choosing the best replacement windows for your home.



The design of a window includes the:

  • Overall design of the exterior of the frame, including the amount of visible glass area
  • Overall design of the interior of the frame, paying special attention to the thickness of the vinyl used, the structure of the air chambers, as well as the different design elements that improve strength.  These can be used to keep water, wind and the elements out.
  • The color of the window is also to be considered in the design portion of this comparison.



The efficiency of a window includes the:

U-Factor (sometimes called U-Value) rating.  The lower the number, the better.  Minimum standards to achieve Energy Star Rated status differ among locales.  In the north (which Energy Star considers to be half the country) the minimum standard is 0.27.

SHGC is the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient rating.  This number basically defines how much heat is allowed through the window, into the interior of your home.  In colder climates, you often want this higher.  In warmer climates, you want this lower.  The SHGC rating is given as a number between 0 and 1.  Typical ratings range from 0.25 on the low side to 0.70 on the high side.

Air Leakage is the measurement of how much air will enter a room through a window.  The lower the number, the better.  The measurement goes from 0 to 1.  1 is basically a hole in your house the size of your window.  0 is no breeze at all.  Energy Star rated windows need to be at 0.30 or under.  Aim for numbers between 0.04 to 0.09 on the incredibly efficient end.

Visible Light Transmittance, or VLT is the measurement of how much visible light will go through your windows.  The measurement runs from 0 to 1.  Most of the ratings of windows fall between 0.33 and 0.58.  The higher the number, the more visible light gets through the window.  Most efficient windows will have a lower number due to the strength of the glass, the number of panes and the Low-E coatings.  The difference for most people is negligible since it is rare to see or hear of windows that seem tinted in a home that were not purchased specifically with that in mind.

Condensation Resistance, or CR rating is basically how well a window resists condensation.  Generally speaking, the most efficient windows have the highest CR ratings.  The CR rating ranges from 0 to 100, with the higher number being the most resistant to condensation.  Most efficient windows run in the range of 64-72.  This can be a tough one, since some window manufacturers will coat their windows heavily to achieve Energy Star ratings, yet this can cause a lower CR rating.  In our opinion, getting a triple pane window with a low U-factor is a better way to prevent, or at least reduce, the amount of condensation your new windows will attract.



Window value is where you compare the window you are getting for the money you are paying.  You could just cover your windows in plastic wrap and duct tape for pretty cheap.  Or you could buy the fanciest European windows for many thousands of dollars.  We would recommend going somewhere in-between, but closer to the efficiency of the European windows but as close to the cost of the duct tape and plastic wrap as can be reasonable.

What you pay for your windows is probably limited by what you want to pay, what you can pay and what you feel is justified to pay.  Typical window prices run around $500 installed for what we would consider junk windows (not efficient, poor design, and inferior installation) to around $1900 for the large home improvement companies near you that spend a great portion of their revenue on marketing to get a sales person in your home.  They typically sell a decent window for all of the hype, just at a pretty large cost per window.  We like to sneak in the middle with an incredible window that compares very well to the $1900 crowd, but we offer it less since our overhead is much lower.

Another thing to consider is financing for your windows.  Coming up with tens of thousands of dollars for an entire house full of windows can be daunting.  A home equity loan would be our suggestion for the lowest interest rate way to finance your windows, if you need to.  Most window installation companies offer financing, though often at higher rates than a typical home equity loan does.

Another option is to replace your windows in groups.  Consider replacing your windows by doing section of your house at a time.  Maybe the front this year and the back the following year.

Whatever you choose, be aware of the gimmicks that many window companies will try to push.  We see many flyers shouting, “20% OFF” without giving the original price.  So the discount is for them to sell you, not for you to actually save.

You also may want to consider how long you plan to be in your home and what is most important to you in regards to your windows.


This is the part where there is no apples to apples comparison.  In the home improvement world, some companies are rough to deal with and some are worse.  Ask anyone that has had a kitchen redone or a house built how they enjoyed the process.  You may be answered with eye-rolls, and a strong, “Ugh!  Let me tell you…”

That was one of the main reasons we started  We wanted to remove as much of the annoying, time-consuming portions of window ordering and just get the windows ordered.  They are just windows, after all.  Super efficient and incredible windows, but still something designed to be seen through, not often looked at.

You want to consider the tone of the person you will be working with, if there is one.  You want to look at reviews, and be sure to read them since some window companies will reward high reviews with discounts for their customers.  Not exactly the ethical way to get reviews, but it helps to sell windows for some shady companies.

The typical window ordering process goes like this: 1) You get a sales person in your home to measure your windows, 2) They go over the window options with you and pet your dog to guide you to trust them, 3) They measure your windows and get you a quote, “Only good for today…” and attempt to get you to buy right there.  They probably come to your house with samples and talk using fancy terms such as, “fusion welded frames”.

They are basically selling you them as a trustworthy person in the hopes that the design and value of the window is not really considered.

From that meeting and your contract signing, you will get another person come to measure your windows.  Again.

Then the windows get made and a few months later a white van with people you can barely understand are in your house and nailing in your new windows.

This process sounds less than ideal.  But it has worked for years and overall it must be working well, since this is the norm.

We do all that we can to make this process as smooth as possible and eliminate the most annoying part, which is the 3 hour sales pitch.  I’m sure your dog is very nice, but you probably have better things to do than listen to a person pitch their windows for hours on end.  If you prefer the pitch, call me anytime.  We can talk windows.

How Do Windows Compare?

We did some shopping, just like you would and found some interesting pricing.

We shopped the competition for you and here is what we found.

First, we chose an average size window, 24″ wide by 36″ tall.

We asked for the quote to include 10 of these windows.  Then we asked for the quote to include windows that are triple pane.  We also wanted the quote to include installation.

Some companies didn’t offer triple pane and most were hesitant to include the cost of installation.

Most of the quotes given were a range, so we only included the lowest price of the range we were given for each company.

Price Per Window (Including Installation) Comparison

Window Comparison Spreadsheet

Window Comparison Spreadsheet

Home Depot (Triple Pane)

Renewal by Andersen (Double Pane)

Local Company TV Ad (Double Pane)


FixR (Double Pane)

Triple Pane Windows at a Double Pane Price

Triple pane windows have always been the best windows offered to homeowners.  They were typically just too costly to be practical.  We have changed that now. 

We can now offer Triple Pane Windows for you at a price even less than some double pane windows.

One Price For Any* Window!

We sell quality replacement  windows at one low, easy, all-inclusive price.

One price makes it easy to shop for your replacement windows.  All you need to do is count your windows, decide which window model you want and you’re done!

We then measure, manufacture and install your new quality replacement windows.

All for one low, easy and all-inclusive price.

* All-inclusive price is good for any rectangular, vinyl replacement window and installation for windows less than 16 square feet in size. Windows larger than 16 square feet are priced at $25 extra for each square foot over 16. Non-rectangular windows are charged an additional $100 odd-shape charge.


More Panes of Glass Than Double Pane Windows


More Energy Efficient Than Standard Double Pane Windows


Lower Cost Than Typical Builder


Happier You Will Be With These Windows

Lifetime Warranty Windows

Your new windows will last lifetime. 

We are so sure of this, that we include a Lifetime Warranty on your windows, including coverage for breakage!

Our Clients Love Their Windows!

“Working with Easy Order Windows could not have been easier.  I have sat through countless presentations by window salespeople that seemed driven to bore or bully me into buying.  Finally, I discovered Easy Order Windows and got incredible windows at an incredible price and best of all, didn’t have to deal with any more slimy salespeople.
It almost seemed to easy to order the windows online. I even called them to make sure they were real.
The process was smooth and they let me know what was happeneing every step of the way.
I wish more home improvement projects were like this. Easy Order could teach a few contractors how business should be done.
Highly recommend.”

James in Wisconsin

“I just wanted new windows in our home.  We used to see our blinds move any time the wind would blow with our old windows.  Easy Order Windows made the process so easy.  We really were able to get awesome windows in a few weeks installed for way less than we were quoted by others.  I’m not sure how they do it, but they did it.”

Stacey in Minnesota

“Working with James was amazing and the price for triple pane and lifetime warranty couldn’t be beat. I paid for triple pane what another local company everyone recommends charges for double pane and they were the same brand windows.

Estimates are easy too…you send pics and they give you all the details. I had 11 windows and a large slider replaced. They send someone out to complete all of the measurements once you finalize your order.

The install went fantastic, they were professional, clean and did a fantastic job.

I had been putting this off for five years (or more!) and couldn’t be happier. The difference in temperature is already noticeable as my two story great room isn’t as cold downstairs anymore. The windows are quiet too…I didn’t even realize how loud my builder grade windows were until these were installed.

I did A LOT of research over the years and couldn’t be happier with my decision to use Easy Order Windows to replace the windows in my home.”

Jessica in Illinois

Financing Available!

Windows are an investment in your home.  With our quick and easy financing, you can get your windows for a low monthly payment.

A better window by design.

Better by Design

Window shopping can be fun.  Especially if you are not shopping for windows, right?

We took the pain of finding the best windows for your home at the best price and made it as easy as possible.

Just how you like it.


Our Windows

Triple Pane

Professional Installation

Energy Star Rated

Custom Manufactured

Advanced Features

Lifetime Warranty

Quality Windows from People You Trust

Lifetime Warranty with every window we sell.

Our windows include a limited lifetime warranty for your peace of mind.

Window breakage warranty included as well.

Accidents happen and your new windows will be covered.

Triple pane windows make a difference.

You and your home deserve the comfort and efficiency that only triple pane windows can bring.

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