Although we look out our windows every single day, we often tend to overlook the condition of them and therefore ignore the fact that they may be in need of a replacement. Fortunately, it’s quite easy to tell when your windows are in need of replacement. Here are six things you should look for in your windows to know whether or not you are in need of some new ones:

1.) Your energy bills are skyrocketing

Faulty windows are one of the most common reasons for high energy bills and luckily there is an easy way for you to indicate whether your windows are what is causing the problem. First, when it is cold outside, you should stand next to your windows, and if you are feeling a temperature difference from the rest of your house, that is a sign that the windows need to be replaced. Second, you can touch your windows. If the glass feels very cold, this is another sign that you need to replace the windows because the warm air from your furnace is being cooled as soon as it gets near your windows. This results in a lot of wasted energy and money.

2.) You feel a draft, even when your windows are closed.

If you feel a slight breeze when you stand next to your closed windows, this is another sign that they need to be replaced. The draft you are feeling could be from various issues such as poor quality installation or defective seals. Either way, a window that allows a draft to come through will change the overall temperature inside your home, which will result in your furnace working in overtime to try and continuously balance and level this fluctuating temperature.

3.) Window frames are soft, chipped, decayed, or water damaged.

Ultimately, all window frames can decay and become damaged over time, even the highest of quality. Exposure to moisture can cause decay, softness, rotting, and sometimes mold. Make sure to look closely at your window frames for any potentially troubling signs. If the window frames are soft when you touch them or you notice chipping, they most likely are beyond the point of needing a replacement because soft window frames are a sign of rotting. If you notice that they are decayed or moldy, it is definitely time for a replacement.

4.) Difficulty opening and closing windows.

Opening and closing windows should be a relatively smooth process that requires very little effort. If your windows were difficult to open and close from the start, they may not have been installed correctly. However, if you have noticed that they slowly have gotten harder and harder to open and close over time, then they are most likely past their estimated lifespan. Window operation difficulty can occur from a number of different things though, some of which are the accumulation of dirt and dust, a spring that is too tight, or an issue with the roller system.

5.) Condensation build up between glass layers or cracked window glass.

Moisture build-up between the two layers of glass is common when the seals on your window have failed. Typically, there is argon or krypton gas injected in between the two panes of a double pane window in order to allow for better insulation. However, once the seal has failed, all of that gas that was injected to help with energy efficiency has disappeared and that is when you see condensation and moisture in between those layers.

6.) You can hear outside noise.

If you are able to clearly hear every single little noise that is coming from outside when standing next to your window inside, that is a sign that your windows need replacing. Windows that are older don’t provide very much sound insulation, which is why you might be able to hear those birds chirping in the morning even though your windows are closed. New windows on the other hand, are able to absorb those sounds coming from outside and provide you with some peace and quiet.

So, as you can see, when you start noticing your windows, it may be time to get them replaced.  Windows are meant to be seen through.  They should not be the star of the show.  Though once you order your windows from, you won’t be able to help but be impressed.