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How Much Do Drafty Windows Cost You?

Don’t Diminish the Draft.

Easy and Breezy?

The occasional draft in your home is a slight annoyance, but in the grand scheme of home repair, it’s not really so high up on the list of problems you could have. Right?

Maybe not. In fact, when you sit down and really crunch the numbers, customers who have recently replaced their windows find that fixing those drafty panes adjusts their heating and cooling bill far beyond what they realized they were spending. In some cases, leaky windows throughout the house can contribute up to 20-30% of your over-all heating and cooling bill per month.

Are You Blowing Hot Air?
Surprised? We were, too. The cost of electricity and HVAC, like most things, continues to rise steadily each year. 30% of even a $100 dollar bill is $30 worth of groceries, a good haircut, or just an extra $30 to add to your emergency fund. Knowing this, why would you (literally) let that money fly out your window?

Don’t diminish your draft. Take care of it, and see for yourself just how much money a good set of professionally-installed windows can save you each month.



The Window Hound’s Take

Windowsare one of those things that you don’t want to think about.  We all have a million other things going on in our lives, such as work, kids, vacations, and all of the maintenance that goes with owning a home.

So when you finally get a break and have a seat in your easy chair and you enjoy the silence a bit to relax, that last thing any homeowner wants to hear is a dripping sink and the last thing they want to feel is a cold draft.

Once you start to notice these things, it is time to get them fixed.

Not every house needs their windows replaced, but a lot of them would really be a lot more cozier if they did.


The Window Hound

The Window Hound is helping you find the best replacement windows for your home.  Reading through pages of data, researching replacement window companies and bringing you the best information possible so that you can be a better window shopper.  The Window Hound writes for and lets us know which windows are the best for our clients.

What Makes Our Windows Better?

We challenged a US based window manufacturer to create the best window at an affordable price. 

The results speak for themselves.

Learn More About Replacement Windows for Your Home


Low-E Coated Glass

Most quality replacement windows have some form of Low-E coating on their glass.  The quality of that coating varies, but in order be anywhere near efficient, it is a must have.

Better SHGC Rating

The amount a solar heating allowed through a window can be adjusted at the time of manufacturing of the window by using different Low-E coatings. 

In some parts of the country, you welcome the sun warming your living space.  In warmer climates, you want the sun’s warm rays to stay outside.


To most people, a window is a window.  when you go to sell your home and you inform would-be buyers of the Low-E coated windows in your home, you have now shown them that you gave your home the best care.

Let the Light In

When glass is coated with inferior Low-E coatings, it can block or blur what you see out the window.  Our Low-E coatings are visibly transparent, allowing you to see out, while preventing damaging rays in.


Our windows have three panes of glass, giving you a better window.  That also gives us more glass area to put our efficent Low-E coatings on, giving you a superior window than possible with a double pane window.

Our Promise

When we created Easy Order Windows we knew we would need to offer the the best windows possible for our customers.  We would need to offer the best because we would have a hard time explaining how good a mediocre window is.  That is why we only offer superior Low-E coated, triple pane windows, at a double pane window price.

Our Windows

Triple Pane

Professional Installation

Energy Star Rated

Custom Manufactured

Advanced Features

Lifetime Warranty

Quality Windows from People You Trust

Windows add value and comfort to your home.

You want to have the light, view and comfort that a quality window can offer without paying too much.

Choose the windows that fit your lifestyle.

Our windows offer big savings, leading to comfort in your home and your wallet.

Triple pane windows make a difference.

Choose the environmentally friendly window that also makes you happier with your new windows.

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