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Triple Pane Windows

More Comfort, Better Sound Control

Why Triple Pane Windows?

Think of them like a stack of blankets on a cold day!

Three Panes of Glass

Most replacement windows have only two panes of glass.  Our windows have three panes of glass, giving you a better window.

Better U Value

Adding an additonal pane of glass, with a Super Spacer and the cushion of Argon gas between each pane of glass means that your windows will be more efficient.

Triple pane windows can achieve a U -Factor (the windows insulation value) that no double pane can match.


To most people, a window is a window.  when you go to sell your home and you inform would-be buyers of the triple pane windows in your home, you have now shown them that you gave your home the best care.

Better Sound Control

Sometimes you want to keep the noise outside where it belongs, outside.

Adding an extra pane of glass and a Super Spacer will help minimize the noise transfer between outside and inside.


Broken windows with a stray baseball may happen occasionally. But what about burglers attempting to break a window?  Three panes of glass will bring too much pain to be considered a practical point of entry for thieves attempting to gain access to your home. 

Our Promise

When we created Easy Order Windows we knew we would need to offer the the best windows possible for our customers.  We would need to offer the best because we would have a hard time explaining how good a mediocre window is.  That is why we only offer triple pane windows, at a double pane window price.

The Difference Between Double & Triple Pane Windows

It’s more than just two panes of glass vs. three panes. Many factors must be considered in order to understand the true difference between the two glass options. Maybe we can help.
Double Pane Windows
Double pane windows consist of two panes of glass with a spacer that separate them. Double pane windows can reduce up to 30% in heat loss, keeping your energy bills at a lower rate than single pane windows. The main benefit of double pane windows is the cost factor. The cost difference between double pane and triple pane fiberglass windows will vary. Most companies charge an additional 20-40% for triple pane window.

But now you can get triple pane windows at a double pane price!

With double pane windows, one spacer is used to separate the panes of glass. The space left between the two panes must be correct to achieve proper air flow between the panes of glass. Exceeding or not achieving the right space between each window pane can have a great effect on the energy efficiency of the window. Most double pane window manufacturers use a highly conductive, metal-based spacer.

Double pane windows perform much better than one single pane of glass, not only because of the space between the glass. The glass itself can act as an insulator as well. By using low-E coating on the glass, infrared light is kept out while allowing visible light to enter your home. This helps protect the carpeting and furniture.

Triple Pane Windows
Triple pane windows are an exclusive step up from double pane windows. With three panes of glass, two cavities filled with argon gas, and two spacers instead of one, triple pane windows are just built with more efficiency by design than double pane windows. Despite the weight of a triple pane window, there will be no effect on the everyday use of your windows. The reason why people are much more attracted to choosing triple pane windows is because there is a great difference in performance between a double and triple pane window. When comparing factors such as the SHGC, or U-values, there is an approximate improvement of 20-30% in a triple pane window’s energy rating. In almost all cases, companies will upcharge for a triple pane window not only because of the extra glass, etc., but because of the stronger frame needed.

Triple pane windows have two spacers that separate the panes of glass. Easy Order Windows uses the absolute best spacer available in the industry. Few manufacturers will use this spacer due to cost. Our Amazing Spacer is a non-metallic, non-corrosive spacer system, sealed with hot butyl, for a lifetime seal.

Our triple pane windows have three panes of glass. Therefore, there are two pockets of argon (instead of one) and two films of low-e coating (instead of one).
By having three layers of glass, your windows are able to considerably reduce outdoor noise transmitting through the windows.

Now you know the main differences between double pane and triple pane windows. So ask yourself this question:

If double pane and triple pane windows were the same price, which one would you choose?


Triple Pane Window Order Celebration

Protection From the Elements

You can clearly see that triple pane windows are better in every way to double pane windows. 

Just like you would be warmer with three blankets instead of two.  We all can understand the reason why triple pane windows exist.

So why would anyone choose double pane?  Before Easy Order Windows came along, the limiting factor was cost. Now that Easy Order Windows sells triple pane windows at a double pane price, your decision is easy.


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